Professional Stone Cleaning in UK

Delicate Stone Cleaning by Professionals

At Pressure fresh UK we have many years of experience of cleaning all sorts of stone surfaces from simple window sills to entire building.

We have cleaned and treated numerous surfaces from YORK STONE CLEANING, PURBECK STONE CLEANING, INDIAN SANDSTONE CLEANING, LIMESTONE CLEANING, MARBLE CLEANING, GRANITE CLEANING. First we identify the stone to be cleaned and then draw up a cleaning technique that is suitable for the surface as some stone cannot take pressure and need a more gentle approach and some cannot take certain chemicals as they are to harsh for surface being cleaned.

Delicate Stone Cleaning by Professionals

Finding the right cleaning technique for job at hand is the first and most important part of the cleaning process. Discussing this with the client is paramount to us at pressure fresh uk as once the stone is damaged it is damaged. In most cases practically impossible to rectify so when you are looking for a stone Cleaning restoration company you can feel assured that you are in good company with us at pressure fresh uk.

We have cleaned most stone and most surfaces from Purbeck stone Flag roofs to garden statues to entire buildings. We like a close relationship with our clients and like to keep them informed through the cleaning process. We use various systems from steam cleaning to chemicals and poultices also high pressure to super heated steam cleaning.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and to book in a free no obligation test on the surface in question.


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