Professional Roof Cleaning in UK

We at pressure fresh offer a full Roof cleaning services and this includes domestic and commercial Roof cleaning moss removal, roof cleaning chemical cleans and Roof cleaning steam cleaning as well as roof cleaning jet washing, roof cleaning soft washing.

Roof Cleaning Services by Professionals

Each roof is has its own issues and we will first of all indentify what the Roof is made of,  be it Clay tiles or concerete and in some cases terracotta, glazed and the list goes on as there are so many roof products out there and then we can find out the best method to clean the surface of the roof in question.

Once we identify the surface of the roof we then can look at the cleaning techniques that will be appropriate and the chemicals if any that will be needed to get the job done.

At Pressurefresh uk we take safety very seriously in all our work and pay close attention to the safety of all concerned and we are experience with and use full arrest rope climbing equipment roof cleaning. We also are licenced with IPaf which gives us the option of using Cherry pickers and mechanical lifts for a safe access at height and we use conventional roof ladders in conjunction with full arrest rope equipment and in some cases scaffolding.

After many years in the exterior build cleaning industry we use cleaning chemicals as in Sodium Hypoclorite at 15% which is very fast and affective and we make sure that we take every precaution applying chemicals and protecting lead flashing and plastics and the environment but laying the chemicals on using a gentle low pressure comet pump to slowly control the flow at all times to apply the chemicals and this is Known today as softwashing.

We are very experienced at sofwashing which is the method used when jet washing is not appropriate and this is done using a small engine with a chemical comet pump and with this equipment we can apply Biocides to the surfaces and biocides as Algo clear pro, Bac 50 or DDac are sprayed on at very low pressure to soak the roof once it has been cleaned ready for the chemicals to be applied. You may have typed in roof cleaning near me and we have come up as we are serving the whole south coast which is Hampshire. Sussex. Dorset. Surrey. For further information on our roof cleaning services please feel free to contact us for a free Quote and please remember safety is paramount in roof cleaning.


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