Professional Driveway Cleaning in UK

Driveway Cleaning Services by Professionals

We at pressure fresh specialise in high pressure and low-pressure jet washing including industrial standard steam cleaning.

Is your DRIVEWAY dull and covered in MOSS or BLACK SPOTS ? Have you tried to clean it yourself but it still looks unsightly? if so then you have come to the right place to get your driveway be it BLOCK PAVING, STONE, RESIN, TARMAC back to looking like new.

We clean, residential and commercial driveways, including concomitant cleaning requirements such as the removal of ingrained chewing gum from city pavements which are attached to many Driveways and CAR PARKING enviroments. There are many different driveway Surfaces that need different cleaning tecniques form low pressure jet washing to high pressure super hot STEAM CLEANING

We at Pressure Fresh Uk also have many years experience in Chemical cleaning as there are many specialist products to tackle the problem associated from atmospheric polluntants,  Moss , Litchens, Weeds, Grass, Red Algae, Green algae. We will identify the surface to be cleaned and put a plan in place to use the right chemicals and cleaning equipment to get the job done on time as arranged with the client. We specialise in the removal of oil stains which are common on so many drives especially when todays oils are synthetic and the oil leaks out while it is hot and seeps into the Substrate and is very difficult to remove.

Our first approach is to assess the drive identifying what the material the driveway is made of and we may carry out a test patch to see the best approach for the removal of the oil stain. We do our utmost to get the job done using  specialist Chemicals targeted for oil in conjunction with high or low  pressure steam cleaning, some surface as in Tarmac need a completely different approach and a more delicate cleaning method. For a more comprehensive overview of our services please contact us without any obligation to see if we can be of service.

All our equipments are industrial standard. We are covered by public liability insurance.


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