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Residential Services

Drives, paving and stone

At Pressure Fresh, we are the driveway cleaning specialists! Do you have unwanted algae and mildew growth on driveway and paths ? Oil stains on your driveway from leaking vehicles? Pressure Fresh can clean your property of these common stains, hassle-free.

Don't stress over a dirty driveway, pavements or house exterior! Just call the professionals at Pressure Fresh and we'll get the job done. We are the leaders in driveway cleaning!

Gutters and soffits

At Pressure Fresh , we are the gutter cleaning specialists! Neglected gutters can leak, bend, or separate from the house. Gutter cleaning can be difficult and dangerous. Don't risk it! Call the professionals at Pressure Fresh.

First, we start by manually removing large debris and leaves from over flowing gutters. Next, we flush the gutters and downpipes with high pressure water to loosen up any clogged downpipes . Once the leaves and mud are removed we rinse the outside of the gutters leaving your home beautiful and you safe! We have many satisfied customers from locally owned businesses to nationally recognized companies. We remain a fully insured service taking pride in our work.

Roof Cleaning

Pressure Fresh can handle all your low pressure roof cleaning and low pressure exterior cleaning needs. Are mildew and algae growing on your house and concrete surfaces? Have you noticed black stains spreading across your roof? Do you have bugs, dirt and cobwebs collecting on your light fixtures and soffit? Pressure Fresh is your one stop shop for low pressure roof cleaning and exterior cleaning. Pressure cleaning annually is recommended to keep your property looking its best!

The algae growing on your roof can be safely removed with a low pressure roof cleaning. Get ready to be impressed when you call Pressure Fresh.


Do you need your deck cleaned? When mildew and algae starts to grow on a wood deck or dock it can become very slippery and dangerous. Don't stress, or slip, over it! Just call the professionals at Pressure Fresh. We use the right chemicals for safe, pressure deck cleaning.

Have algae on your deck but don't want to fur the wood with a high-pressure wash? Our low pressure techniques, with our specially formulated algaecide, get the job done and leave your deck bright and looking great!


We clean all walls that are stained and tired giving them a cleaner and fresher look. We also wash and refresh Purbeck stone.


Slippery paths and steps can be a hazard and we can clean them and make them safe.



Commercial Services

Boat Cleaning

We clean boats with various pressure from soft wash to high pressure ensuring the integrity of the material being cleaned.

Industrial Buildings

We can clean industrial units and wash Cladding, shutters, signs and more.

Graffiti Removal

Using high pressure jet washing and chemicals we can remove nuisance graffiti off of many surfaces.

Machinery and Plant

Single plant to Fleet work undertaken

Oil Spills

We can use chemical degreaser and high pressure and clean oil spills. We apply concentrated degreasers to the oil stains and then steam clean to remove the oil stains in parking garages. For tough oil stains we may apply a brightener to lighten the stain.

Car Parks

Residents and tenants love a clean car park. When you are ready to have your car park cleaned you can count on us. A clean parking area promotes a clean image which is healthy and good for business. To keep a clean image, annual cleaning services for your parking area may be necessary. We work with property managers and owners to keep your covered parking looking great!

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