Specialist Brick Cleaning in UK

Over the years, the majority of buildings in the Uk have become BLACK and dull or have a look that is similar to RUST? or looks like they are covered with a green film? We provide solution to all these surfaces.

Some could be the organic matter or atmospheric pollutants. It can also be caused by years of weathering which hides the natural beauty of the brickwork. In some cases, the ornate detail and exterior designs are completely hidden by a multitude of things that has built up over the years. We at Pressure Fresh UK offer you the right cleaning methods to clean your bricks and bring them back to their former glory and be it a softer approach that is needed as in low pressure high temperature Doff cleaning or thermatech Cleaning systems or chemical cleaning.

Brick Cleaning Services by Specialist

We will talk you through the different options we offer once we identify the bricks to be cleaned as some bricks are hard and non porous and some are soft and porous. They can be damaged if the right method is not applied. We can arrange to do a test patch to show you what can be achieved with the right equipment and our extensive knowledge chemicals, machinery, and surfaces. We then plan the right procedure to get the desired results.

No matter how heavy the build-up of dirt or soiling is on your brickwork, Pressure Fresh UK can always guarantee a 100% removal. Our team are highly skilled and each have many years experience in using acid for brick cleaning and how to remove carbon from old brickwork, all of our brick cleaning services are preformed professionally with all necessary safety precautions put into place throughout the service. Please note Muriatic acid brick cleaning or using any other type of acid for brick cleaning should always be carried out by professionals with experience in the field.


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